Secondary (High School)
If you completed post-secondary (university) level study, it is generally not necessary to submit high school level documents. Ask your U.S. institution if an evaluation of your high school documents is needed.
Required Documents
Type of Document
  1. Year 12 Certificate of Achievement, Higher School Certificate, Certificate of Education, or equivalent
  • Original2
  1. Year 10 School Certificate, or equivalent - Submit only if you are requesting a course-by-course listing or grade average of your secondary education
  • School-issued transcripts / grade reports should be submitted when external documentation is not available
Post-Secondary (University)
Required Documents
Type of Document
  1. Diploma / degree
  • Photocopy or Scan (both sides of the document)
  1. Transcript / grade report
  • Official Document issued in a Sealed Envelope3
  • If the institution you studied at participates in My eQuals, please have the official link to your credentials sent by My eQuals.