Secondary (High School)
If you completed post-secondary (university) level study, it is generally not necessary to submit high school level documents. Ask your U.S. institution if an evaluation of your high school documents is needed.
Required Documents Type of Document
  1. General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), General Certificate of Education AS (GCE AS-Level), and Advanced Level (GCE A-Level), BTEC, or other examinations.
  • Original2 Certificates


  • Certifying Statement of Results issued in a Sealed Envelope3 (sealed by the examining board/s that administered the examination/s)
Certifying Statements of Results can be ordered using these links:
AQA | Edexcel | OCR | WJEC | CIE
NOTE: You must submit either the original Certificates in your possession, or Certifying Statements of Results issued by each examination board. School-issued documents are not an acceptable alternative
Post-Secondary (University)
Required Documents Type of Document
  1. Diploma / degree
  • Original (both sides of the document)
  1. Transcript / grade report
  • European Diploma Supplement is also acceptable for completed programs
  • Official Document issued in a Sealed Envelope3
Note: If you completed a non-coursework-based program, i.e. a research-based program, please have your university send a letter directly to IEE attesting that no transcript is available for your program as your program was completely research-based.