Professional Licensure

Certain professions in the U.S. may require licensure by a state board before you can practice in the field. Licensing boards often have an educational requirement for licensure.

If you have studied outside the U.S. and are trying to be licensed, a foreign credential evaluation report may help you meet the educational requirements.

As a member of NACES our reports are accepted by many of the state boards for licensure or examinations in accounting, engineering, medical, nursing, teaching and many more. If you aren’t sure that IEE, LLC. evaluations are accepted by the board you wish to apply, we recommend you contact them directly.

Step 1 of 3 - Figure out what type of report you need

We recommend that you contact the licensing board in your state to find out what type of report is required. The most common type of reports ordered are:



U.S. equivalence for each educational credential

Note: This report does not include an evaluation of individual courses, grades, or grade average (GPA).

Price: $80

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If you need the U.S. equivalent of university level study, your report will include:

U.S. equivalence for each educational credential

Credit and grade equivalents for university level courses

Grade Point Average (GPA) for each educational credential

Please include your credentials for completion of secondary school. Many licensure boards require a USA high school equivalency regardless of your post-secondary accomplishments.

Price: $165

If you need ONLY the U.S. equivalent of high school level study, your report will include:

U.S. equivalence for each educational credential

Unit and grade equivalents

Grade Point Average (GPA) for each high school credential

Price: $135

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Step 2 of 3 - Review documentation requirements

Review the documents needed based on your level of education you are submitting.

For nearly all types of licensure, an official original transcript must be sent directly from your previous institution(s) directly to IEE, LLC. If for any reason you can not request them directly, To request your academic records for Nursing Licensure, click here.

If you have any questions about your particular situation, please don’t hesitate to chat with us or send us your question by email. Due to the complexity of licensure issues we will not be able to assist you by telephone.

Step 3 of 3 - Apply

When you are ready to order a report:

Create an account

Complete application and submit payment through your account

After you order, mail or submit your educational documents according to your documentation requirements

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