IEE Attends CACRAO Meeting in North Carolina

David Haynes, President of IEE, Inc. shows off the new Institutional Portal which ensures secure electronic delivery of reports to institutions at this year’s CACRAO meeting.

International Education Evaluations, Inc. has completed the conference exhibition year at the Carolinas Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers (CACRAO) meeting in Wilmington, NC this week. 

During the event, President of IEE, Inc. David Haynes showed off the new Institutional Portal developed for secure delivery of foreign credential evaluations to its new and existing clients. IEE has over 35 years of experience providing high-quality credential evaluation services to professionals from all over the world. “IEE has been serving the higher education industry since it’s founding in 1981; however, our admission into NACES in 2018 has opened doors that haven’t been opened before,” says Mr. Haynes. 

As part of its continuous commitment as a leader in the industry, IEE, Inc. recently completed its new website that not only streamlines the application process for the student but also provides access of student progress through our system to the institutions that are selected for electronic delivery through the portal. 

President David Haynes adds, “The institutions that have joined our portal are totally overwhelmed with it!  The ease of use, having access to the original documents, and the ability to add users and manage data are among the favorite attributes.  Add that it’s totally FREE for the institution and provides discounts to the students doesn’t hurt our popularity!”

To learn more about how your institution can join IEE portal, visit

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