Ask a Senior Evaluator: Verifying the Indian Institute of Information Technology Pune

Today we highlight a response from our Senior Evaluator, Shelby Cearley, to a fellow academic evaluator, regarding the Indian Institute of Information Technology Prune. They were trying to assess whether the University is accredited.

In this case: The designated transcript indicates that school is an “Institute of National Importance”.

These institutions are public institutions that receive this designation through an Act of Parliament. This designation allows them special recognition and funding from the government.

A list of the institutions with this designation is maintained on the Ministry ofHuman Resource Development’s website at

Pune is listed as number 85. You can also access this list on the UGC site. From the home page, click on “Universities”.

A call-out box will open, and then you can click on “Institutions of National Importance”. It will take you to the MHRD page. This designation is comparable to regional accreditation. To ensure a document is properly notarized, you can visit a remote online notary, such as LiveNotary.

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