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A file number will be assigned and notification will be sent upon receipt of the application. Every effort will be made to mail the evaluation within 10 business days when Standard Processing is selected.

To expedite processing of your evaluation, please indicate the purpose of your evaluation as "Immigration." Selecting any other purpose may change the documentation requirements and slow down your processing time.

Yet, if additional documentation and/or fees is/are required, the turnaround time will be effective from the date of receipt of all requested materials.


U.S. equivalence for each educational credential

Note: This report does not include an evaluation of individual courses, grades, or grade average (GPA).

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Required Documentation

Credential evaluation report documentation requirements vary from country to country. Please choose your country of education from the list below to determine which documents you'll need for your report.

IEE General Document Requirements

Be certain that you have all the necessary documents before sending your application, as missing documents will delay the processing of your evaluation.

Also, be sure to read the IEE Country-Specific Requirements section (above), as it provides a more detailed description of the required academic records by country of study.

Please note that IEE requires official academic records. Unofficial student copies will not be accepted, even if they are issued by the school.

Please upload the following to your application by clicking the "Upload Documents" button beside your reference number on the My Orders page:

Scan of Original Transcripts / Mark Sheets / Examination Certificates / Academic Records

indicating courses/subjects, hours of study/units/credits, and grades/marks/examination results, issued in the original language. These must be issued on institutional letterhead and include official signatures and seals. If the hours/units/credits are not included on the academic records, please submit program descriptions/syllabi issued by the institution, where applicable.

Scan of Original Diplomas / Graduation Certificates / Degree Certificates

issued in the original language (indicating that a degree/qualification has been earned or that a program of study has been completed). If the degree was not earned, please indicate so in writing.

Copy of the title page, abstract, table of contents, and first ten pages of the dissertation for the evaluation of doctoral studies

Please note that all official evaluations based on uploaded scans will be issued for immigration purposes only but may be revised at a later date with the submission of official original documents and the purchase of an order revision.

Please note that if you have postsecondary studies, you are not required to submit academic records for secondary studies. Also, if you have completed graduate studies, the undergraduate academic records are still required.

If you have completed studies in the United States, please submit a copy of the transcript and/or diploma as supporting documentation. Please note, however, that your US studies will not be included in the evaluation, as colleges, universities, and licensing agencies evaluate credentials from the United States according to their individual policies.


IEE requires certified translations of your documents if they are in a language that is not English. During the application process you will be given an opportunity to order translations from us, or let us know you will provide translations to us from another provider.

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