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For over 30 years, IEE has provided certified translations to thousands of individuals and businesses with
immigration, admissions, job searches and professional licensure needs.

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We want international students and professionals to succeed. That’s why we offer translation
services for the following purposes.




Professional Licensure

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We have helped thousands of people just like you accomplish their dreams through education, licensing, military and employment. But don't just take our word for it. Take the word of these individuals who have trusted IEE with their evaluation experience and want to share it with you.

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My opinion MyIEE is giving the best service compared to all other services, and the cost of evaluation is low, and the time taken for the giving of the evaluation report is also less. If you don't want to have any roadblocks in your evaluation report, then go for this.


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IEE is efficient in delivering evaluation services and charges fair rates compared to other evaluation service organizations. Their customer care service is excellent and I received immediate and helpful responses to my concerns and question! I will recommend IEE to anyone who wishes to get an excellent, speedy, and hitch-free evaluation service at an affordable cost!



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