Nursing Licensure and Education Reports

Nursing Education Report

IEE's Nursing Education report provides a brief evaluation of secondary education and a detailed course-by-course analysis of postsecondary education completed by Internationally Educated Nurses (IENS). The comprehensive course analysis will include the equivalent credit hours and grades earned by the applicant. This report is utilized by U.S. colleges and universities to determine admission eligibility of Internationally Educated Nurses when applying to undergraduate ASN and BSN programs as transfer students, when applying to RN to BSN programs, and when applying to graduate-level nurse programs such as advanced practitioner certifications and master's degrees.

State Board of Nursing Licensure

Nursing in the U.S. is regulated at the state level by governmental agencies called Boards of Nursing (BON). These boards were established to protect the public's health and welfare by ensuring safe nursing practice. Internationally Educated Nurses (IENS) use the IEE Board of Nursing report to facilitate licensure in their chosen state. Board of Nursing reports include an evaluation of both secondary and nursing education programs as well as a thorough review of professional licensure and English language proficiency. When submitting your IEE application, please select the U.S. state where you plan to practice.

State Boards IEE Services

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